Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Jodie and I went our scouting today for a location for our next Minkpink photoshoot. We found this great carpark with beautiful graffiti and just had to take piccies...

Minkpink "Tubular" 7/8 Maxi Dress _ Sabina leather bag, LA _ Ausko chain necklace worn as bracelet _ Havaiana skinny thongs.


ashleigh said...

ohh that looks like it could be an interesting shoot. is this for fall/winter? looks quite grungy.

that dress is gorgeous i'm still debating over wether or not to buy it!

Sara said...

It is for our winter shoot. So excited! Keep an eye out for some behind the scenes shots.

I am in love with tubular maxi, it is just so easy.