Friday, March 20, 2009


As I mentioned earlier I am off overseas next week, and I was stressing about the fact we are being wined and dined by our clients/agents overseas. Which means lots of fancy dinners and even fancier outfits. I am normally fine with these kind of outfits, but we happen to be going to New York and London, which are still freezing!!! I was stressing about what shoes to wear back with tights, but lucky me I just found the bargain of the century at Market City. I found these siren shoes reduced from $150 to $49.95. I figure they don't look too bad with stockings.

I am off to another dress up party tonight. This time it is "Pirates". I will try and remember to take a full outfit shot this time.


Jordan Clarke said...

Market City can be such a treasure trove - they look hot with stockings!

I actually thought they were the same shoes that I bought the other day (from Wittner) but mine are patent.

Have fun OS you lucky thing!
J x

Jenney said...

Oh Goooosh I love these shoes!!!!

nikkimoose. said...

killer shoes xx