Friday, February 26, 2010

MINKPINK Winter 2010


mel said...

i love the winter collection! so amazing, i really want the dress in pics 9 and 10 the tie duye splotchess one? really cool shoot aswell, and i adore quirky circus, amazing clothes

Emm said...

these all look amazing, mink pink has really stepped up!
My favourites are the grey woven sweater in the first picture, the velvet dress with sheer sleeves and the lace top in the last picture. I love it all!

I'd love to do a product review for mink pink for spindizzyfall. Let me know if your interested (

from spindizzyfall

rachel said...

So I know that Celine blogs Anniieemal, but does Annie have a blog as well? Been trying to figure this out. I love this photoshoot too, can't wait to get my hands on the merchandise.

Vanja said...

I'm in love with that black metal belt. Anyone knows the brand or where can it be purchased?