Monday, March 8, 2010


I just got back from a couple of days in Bali. Which was AMAZING!!!! I will post some photos soon. We were there to celebrate MINKPINK's 5th birthday and the opening of our concept store MARKET in Seminyak (which will stock MINKPINK, Evil Twin and Staple).
I got this kaftan for about $6. Love it!!!


Emm said...

Thanks for following spindizzyfall =)

i go to bali everyear and love it! so where abouts is the store, just before the resturants on eat street? i'll visit it when i go in july. And under what name??

from spindizzyfall

Sara said...

It's called Market. Is is on Jalan Seminyak, near a cross road (not too sure what it's called though). Close to the big Bintag store.