Wednesday, April 14, 2010


MINKPINK "Drama Club" Oversize Shirt, MINKPINK "Slasher" Jeans, new shoes!
I felt very scandinavian blogger in this outfit.


Fashion-Vanity said...

Really love your blouse!

FashionFreak said...

I adored the shoes and your shirt!
Very interesting and cute blog...I follow it!Can you please check mine and follow back if you like it?

dani said...

love your outfit
cute blog :)

Emm said...

great shoes~!!!


Chaymâa Yahyaoui said...

you're so rock !


very cool, good call on boots imo.

Sally said...

Those Khaki and black shoes are to die for! Also, I have been looking for a fabulous white t-shirt and you've hit the nail on the head. So chic! Your blog is amazing!

Sally & Chloe

Anonymous said...

OMG i NEED that shirt, am I able to get it anywhere??

Just discovered your blog and i love it!!

I went to the Mink Pink Sale on the weeked and picked up some great goodies


Sara said...

The shirt is by MINKPINK: "Drama Club" Shirt

It was from a few months ago, so I am not too sure where it will still be stocked.

Glad to here you got some great stuff at the sale!