Saturday, January 3, 2009

Happy New Year!!

New years eve was spent at a house party in Neutral Bay. Finally we had some great weather and I was able to wear the 'I Ken Done It" Dress without fear of freezing.
We headed to Cremorne Point to watch the midnight fireworks and on the way back I managed to tread in a pile of mud (well i hope it was mud anyway) and ruined my shoes, luckily I had the forsight to wear cheap flat ones!!
Unfortunatly I forgot to take an outfit pic at the begining of the night, so I only have this one where I don't look too messy....

note the glowstick necklace and cocktail umbrella... nice and classy


Kingshuk said...

Cool!! wish u a happy new year!

LoveMore said...

haha the glow sticks...raving nye by the sounds!
Happy New Year :) xxx LM