Thursday, January 29, 2009 of the Big Things

I just got back from a bit of a road trip in Queensland and had to do a post on all the fabulous "Big Things" that the state has to offer. Unfortunatley I did miss quite a few such as the big pineapple, big macadamia nut and the big bundy rum bottle.... such a cultured country we live in

The Big Ned Kelly

The Big Mangoe

The Big Crab

The Not So Big Banana

The Big Yellow House

The Big Jetty


Stompface said...

Hehe, what a rad post.

I love giant things.

Once my friend and I were talking about how wouldn't it be really fun if we were giants, and our names were Mr and Mrs Giant, and we would go on a road trip to see ALL things that are giant...


LoveMore said...

cool photos! in SA we have a GIANT LOBSTER on the way to Robe..i love it everytime. great pics :)

also love the boots in the new range you shown us! :) xxx LM