Tuesday, April 7, 2009

My adorable new bunny rabbit

I arrived home after my overseas trip to find this wonderful surprise at home! My boyfriend was lonely so bought this adorable little bunny, Mr President, to keep him company. So cute!
It has eaten all our plants and through our fairy lights wire, but he is just too cute to so no to.


Stompface said...

Super super cute bunny. I am feeling so maternal towards animals since I got my kitty.

I bought a quirky circus dress thing today, it is stripey and has gold buttons. I am very in love. Well done.


m and g said...

that is the cutest little bunny ever! so jealous!


Faridah said...

He's adorable!! Oh, how I wish rabbits were legal in QLD. Thank you for the comment. It's my favourite drawing too, so much that I have it above my bed so I can smile at it every morning. I love Mink Pink designs, and Quirky Circus, so so much! Keep it up! xx